About Snowfish etc.

We design and implement strategic travel with an eye for life-change.  The many people we have brought with us have had such an extraordinary experience that they often leave with a desire to return as soon as possible.  Our hope is that it may be the same for you.

Our goal is to give you a custom-designed experience that will be hugely informative and life-giving to your team, full of beauty, fun and then of course, useful to those we serve. Should you wish this to be a spiritually refreshing time for your group, we will partner with you in a variety of ways to accomplish your goals in this area.


A few notes about Guatemala. Not many of you have likely traveled to Guatemala. Unlike Costa Rica or even Thailand, it’s a bit off the beaten tourism track. We have traveled a good many places in our lifetime and Guatemala has impressed us as a great destination country for several reasons:

  • There is a real need and opportunity for volunteer partnership… and some great partner groups that are just waiting for us to come work alongside on a short-term experience.
  • The country is gorgeous, with diversity of landscape from ocean lowlands to the volcanic highlands.
  • 2000 years of Mayan history blends with 500 years of European colonial rule.
  • The hard-working and truly gracious Guatemalan people.  We have not experienced them looking for a handout as much as a “hand up”.
  • There has been a tragic history of foreign heavy-handedness that makes this new era a time where we can truly make a difference.  This is a formational time in Guatemala’s history.
  • Antigua is a world heritage city. Arches, fountains, cobblestone streets and Internet cafés blend with over 50 language schools teaching Spanish to travelers from around the world.
  • It’s pretty much in the same time zone which means we get up to speed physically quickly and then return home without significant jet lag.
  • The weather is terrific.


Wally Schmidt, Director of Snowfish, has created and developed youth projects for most of his life… from Youth Drop in Centers to missions and study assignments… most recently with the Canadian Mennonite University’s Outtatown program in Guatemala, South Africa & Thailand.  His professional photography business has taken him on assignments throughout the world over the past 30 years, photographing people at work, at play, and has even taken the odd assignment hanging out of low-flying airplanes shooting landscapes at 150 mph. He is an adventurer and is in charge of creating an eclectic and fascinating journey.


Travel Leadership Experience:

  • At Snowfish, we have been taking groups on eye-opening VolunTours for over 15 years, blending travel, fun and volunteerism.
  • For over seven years Wally designed and led study/service trips for University students into South Africa, Guatemala and Thailand. These 8-month programs became somewhat renowned for their creativity, and life learning impact. Over 1000 University students have spent the better part of a year experiencing the world on one of these grand adventures.
  • Wally’s international experience began with six months of dysfunctional travel and study in Europe & North Africa as a youth. His photography has since taken him throughout the Caribbean, West Africa, Taiwan and beyond. He worked with YFC for over 13 years developing street youth centers across Canada. He also took YFC teams into Jamaica… in one case 70 people… in small teams …over three months… on a working holiday, building a youth center on the edge of a slum in Kingston.
  • Wally has been a consultant to a variety of schools and universities as they have sought to develop group experiences overseas.
  • Snowfish presently works with 3 separate high schools to develop life-changing educational service oriented adventure experiences. Each year, students look forward to being able to join us on one of our adventures.


“Our strategy is to partner with locally led organizations & talented local people to create the safety & knowledge base that makes an adventure in service like this a life-giving and totally memorable experience.”