DL & Home School Trips

  • For DL & Home School teams looking to create a group adventure.
  • For students looking to join one of our Guatemala experiences.
  • For parents looking for a life-changing experience with their children.

    Our trips are a blend of adventure, mission, fun, important volunteer experiences, historical studies and excellent friendships. Each day is strategic, yet the mind expanding & life-giving education is hidden in the daily adventures. Your job as educators and parents is to care for your students and to help nurture their thought and maturation. Our job is to handle every single detail. Food, lodging, transportation, schedule, Mission & volunteer assignments, and day-to-day scheduling details. It’s all taken care of.
    Note: Some of our teams are looking for a “faith based” experience and we seek to be totally sensitive to the needs of each group as we design your particular trip.

    Some of the experiences available include:

    • Partnering with a wonderful non-denominational Guatemalan Mission which inspires and trains local Guatemalans to create and administer missional and humanitarian activity. We might for example help to build a school in an impoverished rural village, dig a well or volunteer in school for Mayan girls who have been left out of the official educational process.
    • Climbing a live volcano.
    • Experiencing life in a typical Guatemalan town, living for a couple of days with a loving, Spanish-speaking family.
    • Exploring the world heritage city of Antigua Guatemala, a 500 year old city of fountains, cobblestone streets, Internet cafés and markets. There are over 50 language schools in this small city and people come from all over the world to study Spanish here.
    • Exploring 2000 years of Mayan history and see how it has fused with 500 years of European Colonial Rule.
    • Living at a coffee plantation to explore life from a unique series of viewpoints.
    • Visiting an all-inclusive Hotel on Lake Atitlan, one of the most beautiful lakes in all the world, bordered by 3 volcanoes. Students will keep a journal of their daily observations and it is here that we will do our debrief, making sense of all we have seen and experienced.


    We will return refreshed, inspired, grateful and with a significantly expanded understanding of God at work in our time. This trip is designed to put an exclamation mark on everything that students have been taught at home, church and school.

    Note: Safety is a prime concern as we design our trips. We stay in areas and travel to places that have been part of our experience for the past 15 years. We work closely with and under the watchful care of excellent Guatemalan partners.

    Some life & learning outcomes for your students will include  incredible gratefulness, an expanded worldview,  a love for the Spanish language, observations on rich versus poor, city versus rural, and colonial history versus Mayan history to name just a few. They will experience God at work all around them… and hopefully in them as well. It’s a feast!

    Earned school credits towards high school are available. The course is called CULTURAL STUDIES and it is a TLA board approved course. It’s worth 4 high school credits. They also give 4 leadership credits, so a total of 8 high school credits are available. (Some work will be done before, during and after the experience.)

    Possibilities for further studies: There are over 50 language schools in the safe and beautiful World Heritage City of Antigua Guatemala. People come from all over the world to study Spanish here. We can arrange for an extended stay within a safe Guatemalan family experience so that you can earn Spanish study credits effectively and inexpensively.