School Trips

We have been taking students safely on school trips to southern Africa, Guatemala, and Thailand for many years. For reasons including cost, distance, safety, beauty, opportunity to serve and incredible teaching moments, we have been focusing for these past years on Guatemala. In this small country we can experience 2000 years of Mayan history, 500 years of Spanish colonial rule (and some significant years of CIA intrusion). All of this is quite visible and it makes for a powerful experience. We have excellent partners to host, transport, teach and provide significant volunteer opportunities where our students can make meaningful contributions.2 volunteer work day

Our trips are designed not only to serve but also to create experiences that will inspire & shape our lives when we return. While one of our goals is certainly to enable North American students to do something important and useful, at Snowfish one of our huge goals is to make sure that students we bring to Guatemala come away somehow a little deeper, wider and stronger. We work with each school to create the kind of opportunities and environment they are looking for their students. Many students leave with a desire to study and prepare themselves in order to make contributions that will make the world a better place.

Each trip is customized for your school and your students. They are designed for life impact in the most positive way. Please check out the videos and feel free to contact schools we work with on a regular basis. If your school has a Spanish-language program, we can create extended stays for very little extra to focus on language study. Doing language study in a Spanish-speaking culture, living in Spanish-speaking homes will really make your studies come alive.

If you are undecided or perhaps skeptical, we would offer to take one or 2 of your teachers to Guatemala with us to “scope out the opportunity” to see if it really would be safe and beneficial for your students. We will cover all expenses of travel, food and lodging in Guatemala. Our bet is that you will be back with a group of students the following year.


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